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GCP Training

Good clinical practice (GCP) is a standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analyses, and reporting of clinical trials. GCP ensures that subjects are properly protected in clinical studies. Such studies should be based on good science, are well designed and properly analysed and adhere to procedures that are properly undertaken and documented.

Adherence to GCP is vital otherwise, subjects participating in the trials may be put at risk or the clinical trial data submitted may be rejected by health authorities and the scientific committee, if found to be unreliable. Also, the research credibility of the researcher and the research institution may be damaged. Only investigators with GCP training and certification should therefore be chosen by pharmaceutical or healthcare companies to ensure that the studies conducted conform to regulatory requirements.

APCRA provides GCP training and other clinical research courses. Our trainer has more than 15 years of pharmaceutical and contract clinical research experience and has conducted numerous workshops and has trained participants from Hong Kong, PRC China and other countries in the APAC region.